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July 19, 2018
Yoga chair

What is Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga is a low-intensity exercise in which yoga postures are performed whilst sitting on a chair. As practitioners can remain seated, chair yoga is ideal […]
July 12, 2018
yoga athletes

Yoga Benefits for Athletes

Today, yoga is used by athletes worldwide. While training in the gym has its benefits, exercise machines often target specific muscle groups and forget about others. […]
July 5, 2018
Yoga for younger face

Yoga for a Younger Face

As we age, many of us search for ways to make our face look younger. Whilst surgery is an option for some, others prefer to stick […]
June 28, 2018
yoga stronger

How Yoga Makes You Stronger

Many people associate yoga with increased flexibility and better physical health. While the exercise does provide these things, it can also be used to tone and […]