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Cotton clothing for your yoga class

Cotton Clothing for your Yoga Workout | Ana Heart Blog

Cotton Clothing for your Yoga Workout | Ana Heart Blog

Nowadays, finding clothes of good quality that are not created using a chemical filled manufacturing process can prove to be a difficult task. When working out, having clothing that is both high in comfort and practical is something of great importance if you are looking to get the absolute most out of the session. Keeping this in mind, an all-cotton outfit may end up being the most sensible option. So how do you really go about choosing the best clothes for your workout, and why are natural cotton clothes such a popular choice?


What do you consider when choosing your workout clothes?

When working out, something that it is of high priority for most people is looking good in their outfit. This is completely understandable, as it is only natural to feel a little self-conscious if we don’t believe we look as good as others around us do. With this at the forefront of many minds, it’s often forgotten to consider the fabric our yoga clothing is made from. Although there are different benefits to each material, sometimes the best option can be going back to a natural fabric such as cotton.


Why is cotton clothing a good choice?

There are many benefits of a good-quality cotton; the fabric is comfortable to wear at any time of year, due to its breathable quality, meaning that it’s perfect for keeping you cool in summer, yet warm in winter. The fabric is also easy to look after; by simply washing your clothing in cool water and then leaving it to dry naturally, there are no qualms about those yoga tops and yoga pants staying in great condition wear after wear. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing cotton:


Cotton is low maintenance You don’t have to be a laundry wiz to get the most out of this great material. Simply just put it in the wash on a gentle cycle and then leave it out to dry, there’s no need to worry about time wasted considering temperatures or having to carefully hand wash your garments.


Cotton keeps its shape Cotton keeps its shape much better than fabrics with more elasticity, which have a high chance of sagging and getting baggy as time goes on. With natural cotton yoga wear, you can be sure that your clothes will last much longer.


Cotton is breathable Staying dry and cool during exercise is something of great importance if you are hoping to stay comfortable for the duration of the workout. This means that cotton clothing will ensure maximum comfort in this aspect when compared to oil-based synthetic fabrics such as polyester, which are less breathable.


Cotton doesn’t cling Fabrics that cling to your body during exercise are likely to make most of us feel at least a little self-conscious. With cotton, there is no worry of this due to the fact that the material does not produce a static-charge – the main cause of clinging-clothes.


Cotton is natural Unlike man made fabrics such as polyester, which is created from a reaction between an acid and an alcohol, cotton is 100% natural and derived initially from a plant.


Cotton is versatile Cotton clothing in no way needs to be boring. With the ability to be made into corduroy, lace, velour and more, there will always be a cotton option to suit any style.


Choosing cotton clothes for your workout

When working out, wearing comfortable clothing that is also practical for the workout is very important. When choosing a yoga bra or any other type of attire, you want to be sure that it will meet your personal requirements for your perfect workout outfit. Here are some top tips for choosing cotton clothes for your workout:


Wear items that are Comfortable and Breathable

Ensuring that your clothes are made from breathable fabrics in any kind of exercise is important. This will allow you to feel dry and fresh throughout the workout, taking away any moisture build up. You also want to feel as comfortable as possible, so in yoga particularly, clothing that allows you to move with ease is a great idea, to ensure the fabrics move freely with your body when attempting the different poses.


Choose your Underwear Wisely

When practicing yoga, making sure you have a good quality yoga bra that gives the right level of support is something great to keep in mind. Doing so will ensure that everything stays in place, no matter what position you’re in. Making sure you choose the rest of your underwear wisely is also key. Although 100% cotton socks can be a great choice, wearing underwear of this material may not be the most sensible. When working out, intimate areas with sweat building up may find it hard to breathe, meaning an option that helps reduce moisture in the area may be preferable.


Layer up

Make sure you’re ready for possible changes in temperature by layering different items of clothing. Try pairing a 100% cotton top with a long-sleeved yoga sweatshirt to give yourself options. When making your way to the class, wearing both items together will help to keep your body warm, but then once you’ve warmed up by the time you’ve arrived, there is the option to practice in just the t-shirt.


The most important thing when practicing yoga is to feel as comfortable as possible in your clothes. Good quality, breathable fabrics that you feel confident in will ensure that your self-confidence is at its best throughout the session, meaning all your energy can then be focussed on practicing the poses to the best of your ability, as well as concentrating on your breathing and movements.


At Ana-Heart, we ensure all our products are produced in the EU using cotton whenever we can. We believe this gives your clothes a perfect, quality feel that really lasts. Although cotton is a great fabric when working out, for garments such as yoga tops and yoga bras, in some cases a man-made material may be more suitable as they can wick away sweat more quickly. Get some yoga workout gear inspiration; explore our range.

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