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September 1, 2017
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Can meditation improve your libido?

Can Meditation Improve your Libido? | Ana Heart

Can Meditation Improve your Libido? | Ana Heart

As you grow older, there may come a time when you start to feel your sex drive dwindle. Though not uncommon, for obvious reasons this is something that can easily begin to cause problems in your relationship, particularly if your partner’s sex drive is still as high as it once was.

The feeling of not being able to fulfil your partner’s needs is something that often encourages people to seek help on how to regain their sex drive, whether that is through the means of visiting their local GP or setting out to find their own aids, through personal research methods. A variety of activities can be trialled, many in the comfort of your own home, on the search to increase libido, one of those activities being meditation.


What is libido?

Simply put, libido is the technical term for sex drive; commonly referring to your desire for sexual activity, in addition to your overall interest in feelings associated with it. The sense of attraction is something that can also fall under the term libido.


What affects libido?

Libido can be affected by various psychological, social and biological factors. Studies have shown that one of the most common causes of low libido, is anxiety and depression, often the result of high-stress levels. Although it is not uncommon for libido to take a hit from psychological factors such as those mentioned above, medical factors can also play a role, including the menopause and infidelity. Much like how puberty in teenagers increases libido, it’s fairly common to notice a decrease in desire for sexual activity as your body adapts to these changes.


Can meditation improve your sex drive?

To put it simply, yes, it can! Below, we begin to look into the possible ways meditation can improve your sex drive.


How to Improve Your Sex Drive with Meditation

To explore how meditation has the ability to improve your sex drive, it’s important to first look at the main culprits of low libido, which as touched on before, are stress, and it’s oh so often companions, anxiety, and depression. Beginning to counteract these mental distractions, is where meditation comes in. Proven to reduce stress, while assisting in clearing the mind, meditation can really be the key to a happier you, which, in turn, leads to increased libido. Combining meditation with a healthy diet and regular low-intensity exercise such as yoga can really help get you on the right path toward mental wellness; so maybe picking up a comfy yoga mat and practicing some simple postures could help lead you to a healthier, happier sex life, free of distraction.

Whilst the key aim is diminishing activity in the stress centre of the brain, formally referred to as the amygdala, meditation also activates ‘cold’ areas of the brain allowing it to function at its optimum levels; In turn, this results in allowing you to focus on your desire for sexual activity.

As well as being great for the reduction of stress, meditation is also a great way to release endorphins, another factor that can help to increase libido.


Why Endorphins Are Important for Sex

The hormones released when your brain feels good about something, are known as endorphins. The positive feeling these hormones provide the body with, leave us with an increase in desire for further pleasure, including that of sexual activity. Although a release in endorphins is brought on when participating in any form of exercise, the fact that meditation also reduces stress levels and promotes inner peace within the body and mind makes meditating the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.


Meditation Techniques to Improve Sex Drive

To begin to feel the benefits of meditation, it’s unnecessary to feel obliged to partake in lengthy periods of the practice. It’s important to not let the stereotypes surrounding meditation put you off trying it as an aid to increase your sex drive.


Taking just a few minutes to try one of the following quick meditation techniques, could really help you on your way to improved libido and overall mental wellness.


Time to breathe

When all that’s needed is five spare minutes and a quiet space, it’s no surprise that breathing exercises are seen today as being one of the most effective meditation techniques. If, like many of us, a moments peace within your household is something that’s hard to come by, why not head outside and find a secluded spot in a local park or garden. Once you’ve established your location, sit down in a comfortable position, and begin to breathe in deeply through the nose. Hold the breath for a few seconds before letting it out slowly through your mouth. Some people find that making an ‘HA’ sound whilst breathing out, really helps them get into the right frame of mind, leaving them feeling more relaxed. It shouldn’t take longer than a mere 5 minutes or so to begin feeling more relaxed, but if you find yourself still feeling a little tense, there’s no harm in continuing the deep breathing until you feel satisfied that the tension has dispersed.


Dream a little dream

It’s no secret that what you see during sex, plays a huge part in your state of arousal, so why not try meditating using visualisation to help you relax? Much like before, choose a quiet space, and, this time, keep your eyes closed and begin to breathe deeply, focussing on visualising how the air is passing through your body. Once you have found your rhythm, picturing a beautiful place of a favourite memory can help you to relax further. If you’re finding it difficult to delve into your memories, imagining something as simple as the warmth of the sun on your face at a dream destination can prove to be just as calming.


A sensational touch

Almost as important as sight, touch is one of the biggest factors relating to sexual arousal, so why not consider embracing touch during meditation, too? Again, find a quiet spot you feel at ease in, close your eyes and begin to take slow, deep breaths, in and out. Once you’ve found a rhythm to suit you, focus intently on all you can feel. Think about everything; the feel of the light breeze flowing through your hair, the soft texture of your clothing pressed gently against your body, how the air around you feels against your bare skin. Touch meditation can be a great thing to experiment with at home with your partner, too, if you feel comfortable doing so. Something as simple as stroking each others hair, or even just lying contently in each other’s arms can really help to bring back the intimate spark your relationship may be lacking.


Never let your sex drive get you down. If you are feeling frustrated with your lack of libido, there are many natural measures that can be taken to start to combat this feeling. Try experimenting for 5 minutes each day with different meditation techniques, beginning to discover what works best for you personally. This, combined with a healthy lifestyle, should in time start to show improvement. If possible, try to avoid using medication to increase your drive, and opt to go down the natural path. Studies have shown that medication can often lead to further hormone and sex drive imbalances, consequently causing more harm than good in this specific situation.

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