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March 16, 2018
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What is Green Yoga?

Green Yoga

Today, Yoga is one of the most popular ways to enjoy gentle exercise. With its endless variety of health benefits, it’s not hard to see why! When the holistic therapy first came about, there were just a few different styles in which it was practiced. However, with yoga practice at an all-time high, new styles seem to be appearing every day. One of the most recent creations is something known as ‘Green Yoga’. This style is best described as a bridge between traditional yoga and our connection with the natural environment. As Green Yoga is relatively new, finding a local class can sometimes be a challenge; however, with the style rising in popularity, we can expect to see more Green Studios opening in the near future. Until then, the environmental style can be practiced independently from your home or garden. If you are interested in giving the practice a go, it’s worth picking up some eco-friendly yoga gear to get the most out of your session. In this article, we explore Green Yoga in more detail.

What is Green Yoga?

As mentioned previously, Green Yoga can be explained as a connection between yoga and the natural environment. Practitioners of the style aim to follow the ancient teaching of yoga whilst living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Traditionally, yoga was about combining our natural vibrations with the physical world. Through a series of natural methods, traditional yoga practice worked to heal and rejuvenate the physical and emotional body. For thousands of years, yoga has been used as a natural healer. The practice has often been used as a supplement, or even alternative, to over-the-counter medication. Research suggests that yoga can be used to combat a variety of serious health conditions, and greatly reduce discomfort associated with illness and injury. With the natural healing powers of yoga in mind, it makes sense to combine the practice with an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is exactly what Green Yoga aims to do.

Philosophy and Principles

While Green Yoga classes are relatively hard to find, if you live in a major city you may be in luck. Studios in major cities are starting to take the benefits of Green Yoga into account, and many of them now hold ‘Green Sessions’. To encourage practitioners to feel at-one with nature, these classes are often held outside. Additionally, the classes use equipment that is eco-friendly.

Green Yoga instructors teach the benefits of the eco-friendly practice. They focus on implementing ecological consciousness, consideration, and action into the yoga community. During each session, practitioners learn about the yogic teachings of harmonizing our world. These teachings can encourage students to make more eco-friendly choices and ultimately help to save the planet. Through our lifestyle alone, we can have a positive impact on the natural world. The Green Yoga community focuses on living in harmony with the world and encouraging others to do the same. As a whole, the yoga community is a supportive and encouraging place to be. If just a few yogis are living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, thousands of others will be encouraged to do the same.

How to Practice it

If you cannot attend a local class, Green Yoga can be practiced independently. Here, we discuss a range of different ways that this can be achieved. When practiced, these themes are intended to inspire yogis to live with an ecological heart. These ideas can be shared with your own community to encourage others to combine the practice of yoga with the ideas of environmentalism.

The Five Elements

A great way to begin a Green Yoga session is to focus on the five elements. These are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. There is a variety of asanas and pranayamas to represent each one, so do your research and get started. If you’re a regular practitioner, you’re probably already using some of the recommended postures without realizing it!

Natural Form Asanas

During a Green Yoga class, students are often encouraged to venture outdoors. During this time, they are invited to touch natural beings such as trees, plants, and rocks, and feel their essence. After a few seconds, consider moving into a physical shape to represent the being. If you’re practicing this at home, try moving around the garden to flow between postures.

The Five Senses

During a session, try focussing on the five senses and how we use them to perceive the world around us. Spend time thinking about the benefits of smell, taste, sight, touch, and hearing.

Green Yoga

Animal Asanas

A firm favorite of any animal lover, many classes are based solely on animals. Whether you’re practicing alongside your beloved pet or you’re out and about spotting the local wildlife, consider creating postures to represent each animal.

Use a Blindfold

This idea often goes hand in hand with a ‘five senses’ session. To fully experience the natural world through your other sense, try using a blindfold during the class.

Take a Silent Walk

Rather than stationary meditation, why not try taking a silent nature walk. This time will allow you to focus on your inner being whilst taking in the world around you.

Sunrise and Sunset Sessions

To take in the natural beauty of the sun and the moon, try taking your mat into the garden for a sunrise or sunset session.

In Summary

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or you’re just getting started, Green Yoga is a great way to exercise, better your health, and help to save the planet. If you’re venturing out and about to practice, remember to take with you any necessary gear. If you’ve got a few bits to carry, consider picking up a spacious yoga bag to convey your equipment to and from locations.

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