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July 13, 2017
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July 21, 2017

Healthy Gift Ideas for Her

Healthy Gift Ideas for Her | Ana Heart Blog

Healthy Gift Ideas for Her | Ana Heart Blog


Health and fitness are more than just a hobby; they’re a lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for a fellow fitness fanatic or want to treat yourself, we have some excellent fitness gift suggestions.

Below, discover some top-notch gift ideas for women that love health and fitness.


Fitness Tracker

A former luxury but with options now available for less than $30, a fitness tracker is a must-have for every fitness fan and will have your fitness friend or special someone carefully monitoring their progress in no time. Typically, fitness trackers monitor your daily step count and distance; advanced trackers will also measure your heart rate and how many calories you’re burning. There are also numerous trackers that monitor sleep – they will help you to sleep earlier and get plenty of shut eye.

The Fitbit is the most widely used fitness tracker; however, Garmin, TomTom, and Samsung also have leading products ranging from $30 to $250. If you’re buying for something that’s particularly style-conscious, consider a tracker with an interchangeable strap that, therefore, can be personalized.


Yoga Bag

If you’re shopping for a fellow yoga lover, you can’t go wrong with a great-quality yoga bag; you’d be surprised how many yogis choose to flail around with their yoga mat rather than roll it away in an easy-to-carry bag. Although, a yoga bag isn’t just about ease and looking good; it also protects your yoga mag from the elements when traveling to and from the class which, especially if you have a high-quality yoga mat, will make your mat last longer. At Ana Heart, our yoga bags are made from 100% cotton and feature two functional pockets – one for your water bottle and the other a zip-up pocket for your valuables. No matter how often you attend a yoga class, our bag is the only one you’ll need.


Foam Roller

If you exercise regularly, you need a foam roller to help you massage your muscles. A good-quality foam roller is an excellent gift and will help to iron out knots, aches, and pains that often build-up during exercise. While yoga is a fantastic way to relieve tension, a foam roller helps to reduce tension, too. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors; choose a roller that suits your giftee to a tee.


Workout Leggings

It is not just yoga that leggings are suitable for; workout leggings are essential for all types of exercise as they permit maximum flexibility and, importantly, are breathable to ensure complete comfort. By choosing leggings over thick sweatpants, for instance, you will see a noticeable difference in how quickly sweat is wicked away from your skin; thereby keeping you cooler while preventing chaffing.

When shopping for leggings, choose premium-quality leggings that are made of thicker fabric, such as a spandex and polyester blend, to prevent the leggings from becoming quickly worn. Fitness leggings come in all shapes and sizes; there are thousands of colors and patterns available, and some even have details such as pockets and embroidery. Not sure where to start? Explore our yoga leggings.


Bath Salts

After a long workout or day at work, there’s nothing better than hopping in the tub for a long and well-deserved soak. To make your bath extra-plush, add all-natural bath salts. A large bottle of bath salts is a fantastic gift; you can pick up different varieties, including all-natural salts infused with flowers and herbs. There are bath salts to suit every need, including muscle relaxants and pain relief, so find out what your giftee would prefer and pick up a bottle. Better still, typically, bath salts are very affordable and substantial-looking, as well as pretty, which means guaranteed smiles all-around.


Extra Layers

For one reason or other, fitness fanatics are often reluctant to buy a comfortable, breathable workout pullover for themselves that can be used as a second layer during the chilly autumn and winter months or to take the chill off during an air-conditioned yoga class – at least at first. When shopping for the perfect workout pullover, be sure to choose a style that uses breathable fabric and, ideally, has a zip for ultimate versatility. There are too many options to count; select a pullover based on your friend or special someone’s style and needs – if they often exercise outdoors, they may require a thicker style. Better still, choose a color or pattern that will have them feeling both confident and comfortable.

For inspiration, explore our range of quality workout and yoga pullovers and jumpers.


Water Bottle

Does your friend often sip from a repurposed shop-bought water bottle? Then they need a good-quality water bottle specifically designed for reuse. After all, plastic water bottles from your local newsagents are not intended for reuse and contain chemicals that will gradually seep into your water.

When buying a water bottle as a gift, there are numerous options; filtered water bottles are our preference, ensuring the water is always as clean as it can be, but standard water bottles or even foldable water bottles are an excellent choice, too. Ideally, you want to buy a fitness water bottle that can hold 750ml of water – this is plenty for the average run or yoga session. Always make sure your bottle can be refilled easily, which means having a large screw-top, to prevent spills while refilling.


Love Tuner

If there is someone in your life that loves to exercise but often feels stressed, they may benefit from a Love Tuner. A Love Tuner can be used anywhere at any time; all you need to do is blow a constant note while breathing deeply to help relieve stress. And that’s not the best part. At Ana Heart, our Love Tuners come in the form of fashionable jewelry; they are a variety of necklace types available, including classic antique silver and rustic bronze, as well as striking gemstone-embellished necklaces.

Discover our range of Love Tuners online.


Yoga Mat

Need we say it? If you’re buying for a fellow yogi, a great-quality yoga mat is essential. When choosing a yoga mat, select a style that is sturdy, spongy and, ideally, thick; this will ensure balance, grip, and comfort. It’s also important that the mat can be cleaned easily with as little as a wipe after every workout. Yoga mats come in a variety of styles and colors; the Ana Heart Black Yoga Mat is ideal.

And there you have it! Next time you’re buying a gift for a fitness fanatic or yoga enthusiast, select one of our suggested gifts for smiles all-around. Remember, it’s always better to receive a gift you genuinely need rather than something you’re going to hide in a cupboard for years. For more ideas, explore our online yoga shop where we have a variety of essential fitness and yoga clothing and equipment.

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