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Our top 9 Yoga Blogs

It has been said that there are as many different types of yoga as there are people practicing it. The same could be said for yoga blogs! With blogs about yoga history, blogs for yoga teachers and blogs for yoga travel it’s hard to find the very best. Here at Ana Heart we’ve done the hard work for you and found the Top 9 blogs that everyone should be following. A great Ana Heart sweater is just the beginning to a lifelong yoga passion, after all.

Rachel Yoga

Rachel Scott

Rachel Yoga

Rachel Scott refers to herself as the teacher’s teacher when it comes to all things yoga. This highly accredited yogi dedicates her website and blog to providing an extremely wide range of resources for both yoga students and yoga teachers.

For students, you can see if there are any classes for you at a Yoga studio in the Vancouver area, for which Rachel is the Director of Teachers and holds one-off sessions designed to deepen your practice. These can be supplemented by her online yoga video classes that can be accessed for free on her blog as well as audio for guided meditations. Aspiring yoga teachers can also join her mentorship program and access a wealth of resources on advanced poses, creating your training and further reading lists.

Rachel’s blog, which can be enjoyed by everyone, students and teachers alike, explores topics beyond yoga such as health, travel and mental wellbeing. It all ties in to a wider yogic practice of achieving a happier body, mind and life.

A yogi with so much to share has enough to fill a book… two in fact! Rachel has written Wit and Wisdom from the Yoga Mat, a collection of inspirations any yogi can use to lead a more mindful life, and Head Over Heels: A Yogi’s Guide to Dating, a fresh look at how the yoga lifestyle can improve your love life. Rachel’s writing has not gone unnoticed and has written for many publications such as Huffington Post and Yoga International.

Half Moon Yoga and Art

Hannah Faulkner

Half Moon Yoga and Art

This yogini from San Diego is definitely living her best life. Travelling the world, bringing her unique yogic perspective wherever she goes and teaching classes in the beauty of Mission Bay. It wasn’t always so. With the workload that comes with teaching Visual Arts to elementary and middle schoolers, Hannah Faulkner knew something had to change and that change came from her weekly yoga lessons. As a qualified teacher, she went on to provide classes, private lessons and started writing this blog. The artist in her lives on through a collection of printed leggings based on her paintings.

The blog blends the personal with Hannah’s yoga practice as she travels the globe. Her posts reflect on life’s observations and experiences always with the spirituality of yoga at the center. Her latest writing ‘Let Me Move My Body’ explores the movements of Hatha Yoga and Yoga Devotional Dance and how it combats the times in her life that outside forces have wanted to keep her still. Every post has this very freeing, flowing prose to it that rejects the limitations of everyday life.

If you want to taste a little of Hannah’s life beyond reading her blog, there are many opportunities to be found on her Upcoming Adventures page where you can join her on a retreat, at a festival or even on a yoga safari. These adventures go beyond focusing on yoga and combine practices such as juicing, hiking and meditation.

Aham Yoga

Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Aham Yoga

Aham Yoga is actually a collective of five women who use their different skills to bring their passion for yoga to Redmond and the Greater Seattle area. Founded by Arundhati Baitmangalkar, Aham Yoga provides students of every level with clear class progressions to make sure there is a steady improvement as they deepen their practice. They also specialize in yogic breathing, prenatal and kids and teen classes as well as holding workshops and retreats. Their central aim is to bring yoga out of the studio and into the lives of the wider community, in line with the Indian philosophy that yoga is a part of life.

Arundhati runs Aham Yoga’s dedicated blog which provides a wide range of reading material and resources for every kind of yogi. Her Indian culture is woven through every post on in her Philosophy section where she discusses ‘Is Yoga a Religion?’ and explores the differences between Indian and American yoga practices. There are posts to help improve your health, fitness and mind in her Lifestyle section where topics such as social media and sustainable living are explored. For those looking for instructional resources, there is the helpful Practice section for students and a For Teachers section. These cover different poses, combining yoga with other fitness practices and lifestyle tips for teachers.

Aham Yoga is, in many ways, the perfect American yoga blog because it balances bringing the practice into a typical Western lifestyle while celebrating yoga’s history and spirituality from an Indian perspective.

Bad Yogi

Erin Motz

Bad Yogi

Are you fed up with the culture that has grown up around American yoga? Erin is, and she has launched her online courses to combat the feelings pretense and exclusivity that can be prevalent in some yoga circles. With a healthy dose of free classes, body positivity and healthy lifestyle advice, the Bad Yogi Magazine, run by Erin is the blog you’re looking for if you want to shake things up!

As well as her free classes which can be found on the blog, there are also more structured courses by Erin available for a one-off payment. Available are the Perfect Body tier 1 and 2 programs to advance your physical abilities and a Cleanse Kit to kick start your healthy regimen. But not to worry, this cleanse doesn’t involve cutting out food or taking harsh supplements but rather a meal plan with a yoga routine.

Nothing is off the table when it comes to blog topics for Erin and her Bad Yogi featured authors. Free online yoga classes are the main feature with helpful videos help her students with a number of different yoga goals including making yoga a lifetime commitment with Erin’s 30-day challenge. With a group of yoga writers, Bad Yogi has something for everyone from tasty recipes, applying the yoga way of life to the every day and improving mental health.

Stop by Bad Yogi with caution, you may be there for some time!

Elena Brower

Elena Brower

Elena Brower

Elena has been teaching yoga for the best part of two decades and uses her website to bring you the wisdom that comes from her experience. From her journal to her YogaGlo courses, your yoga practice is sure to be truly enriched by this yogini. Her yoga writing is nothing short of a true success with two published books, Art of Attention and Practice You: a Journal and she has contributed to works such as Huffington Post, Yoga Journal and Yoga International.

All over the world, Elena is hosting a wide range of yoga events that go beyond what you can learn in the studio with immersion courses, retreats and specialist workshops. There is something for every serious yogi, whether student or teacher.

Especially for those looking for a deeper yoga experience is Elena’s Elevate: Practice You mentorship program she is holding with Laura McKowen. It contains three modules, presented over three weeks and is committed to “support, wisdom and inspiration.”

Her Journal is an essential read on her website as it is full of wisdom beyond the yoga mat. Listen Closely is full of articles about learning and self-improvement with a strong focus on keeping the mind health and happy. Mindful Smacks are a series of videos that explore the mental and spiritual approach to life and Nourish You aims to fuel your yoga right with healthy recipes. Finally Practice you takes a leaf from her mentorship program and book, supplementing your yoga with music, parenting and other holistic practices.

Silvia Mordini

Silvia Mordini

Being involved in a life changing car crash as a young woman, Silvia Mordini’s road to recovery was successful due to the healing power of yoga. This developed into her impressive career we see today culminating in the founding of Alchemy Tours and Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training School for adventurous students and aspiring teachers respectively.

Silvia’s teaching takes her everywhere with immersive sessions and retreats taking place all over the world. She also is due to make teaching appearances at a number of yoga and spiritual festivals in the coming months so be sure to check out her schedule and see if she’s doing anything near you.

Loving Your Day is Silvia’s blog which is regularly updated on her website. As the title suggests, she is committed to not just loving her day but her whole life too. Each post is a reflection on her personal journey to creating a life that is simple, mindful and full of joy which is a core principle of yoga. From decluttering her life to self-love, everyone will be able to take something from these wonderful, personal moments. She has taken this introspection into her own life and projected it outwards with her upcoming book Happiness Prescriptions. The book won’t be the first string to Silvia’s publishing bow as she has written an impressive number of published articles for different media. These include Daily Cup of Yoga, Do You Yoga and Yogi Times.

Yogacara Global Yoga Teacher Training

Helene Whitfield

Yogacara Global Yoga Teacher Training

Helene is a Vancouver-based yoga teacher trainer whose program sprung from a single yoga studio after founding Yogacara in 2008. More than just being about the practicalities nature of yoga, she wanted her teachers-to-be to learn in beautiful environments that suits their busy lives.

When she isn’t inspiring the next generation of yoga teachers, she’s keeping the Yogacara blog up to date. This blog has would be a great one to follow whether you’re just getting into teaching or are experienced in holding your own classes. The posts go into more detail than a blog aimed at students and explore the deeper spiritual aspects of yoga. For example, one post breaks down the Kleshas or the five afflictions and how understanding your suffering leads to self-awareness and insight. Each affliction is fully described with details about its cause and its solution. There are also posts that work as platforms for discussions and debates in the yoga teaching community such as yoga in schools, yoga in pregnancy and even yoga on airplanes!

And of course, there is much to read about when it comes to teaching yoga. From the specific stresses of setting up your own business to common body niggles in teachers, everyone’s struggles seem to be talked about here. There are also stories about training courses with strange rules about keeping silence at breakfast and toolkits for balancing a work/life balance. In this community, you are sure to find solace with your fellow teachers.

Alive in the Fire


Alive in the Fire

This North Californian yoga teacher aims to bring mindfulness and peace to her practice and classes and, according to her student testimonials, she more than succeeds. Rachel’s blog, Alive in the Fire, provides resources for beginners and offers a sponsorship opportunity for fellow yogis.

Yoga for beginners is a great place to come for yoga tips, getting started meditating and information about different yoga for different needs such as chronic pain, trouble sleeping and depression. There’s information on smart snacking before and after a yoga session highlighting the importance of nutrition and flavor! This page would be brilliant for anyone wanting to practice at home and wanting to understand more about what yoga can do for them. There’s even a great list of Rachel’s top DVDs for beginners so you can have the best teachers right there on your TV.

Are you a yogi looking for the next step in your yoga practice? Rachel’s annual Sponsored Yogis program gives her hand selected followers the opportunity to gain a deeper learning under her guidance and benefit from fundraisers to provide them with classes and gear. To take part, you can apply by directly contacting Rachel who will then review each candidate via a series of questions about their yoga experience. Successful applicants prove themselves as dedicated and enthusiastic. Sponsored Yogis are featured on the blog with the current students, Yani and Kels, sharing their story.

Yoga Healer

Cate Stillman

Cate sees so many in this world as merely surviving but her goal is to get many of her students and followers thriving through her course and blogs. She sees her Ayurvedic background as something that can be used to solve a multitude of problems beyond the yoga studio and she brings that to her teaching.

She provides a wide range of online courses that go in depth into Ayurveda so that it can apply to all aspects of life, such as childcare, hormones and allergies. Beyond the yoga teachings there are also courses in healthy eating and keeping good habits so that your life can go from surviving to thriving in a matter of weeks. With easy to follow steps and helpful videos, these courses are easy to fit into any demanding lifestyle in need of improvement.

Cate’s blog is a spiritual haven for anyone who would love to follow her personal journeys including her recent bike ride in the desert and what that unlocked inside her. There are updates on her latest retreats, book recommendations and updates on upcoming events for anyone that wants to get involved with her work directly.

There is loads of free stuff to enjoy with much of her beginners learning for free with her tip sheets, podcasts and the Get Healthier toolkit. They are all easily accessible on your desktop or via download and are perfect for those little steps into self-improvement.

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