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How to Choose your Clothes for Yoga Workout

What to Wear for Yoga Class | Ana Heart Blog

What to Wear for Yoga Class | Ana Heart Blog

Yoga is an excellent way to relax, relieve stress and tension, and take ‘time-out’ of the bustle of everyday life. However, to practice yoga comfortably and really ‘let go’, it’s essential you have the correct yoga gear. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to transition from one pose to another only to discover that your clothing is restricting your movement. Better still, the right yoga clothing helps you to feel comfortable and, therefore, confident in yourself so you can enjoy your time-out.

If you’re a beginner going to a yoga class for the very first time or you’re trying a new type of yoga, choosing what to wear for yoga can be somewhat tricky. You want to be comfortable, but you also want to fit in with everyone else in the class and be confident. But where on earth do you start?

In this article, we explore the different types of yoga clothing and, practically speaking, what yoga clothing you need while taking your style into consideration. Yoga is one of the fastest growing wellness activities all over the world, so there’s plenty of choices to suit every style and budget.

Explore our top tips for choosing practical and stylish yoga clothing:


First and foremost, consider what type of yoga you’ll be doing

There are around ten widely practiced forms of yoga and many other forms that have smaller followings. Each type of yoga differs from the other, so you need to make sure you know what type of yoga class you’ll be attending before purchasing yoga clothing, as the type of class will determine the clothing you need. For instance, if you’re doing a form of Hot Yoga, you will want layers, including a loose second layer, that you can remove as your body heats up. Similarly, if you’re doing a particularly fluid form of yoga that requires plenty of movement, such as Vinyasa Yoga, you will need yoga clothing that’s fitted rather than loose, so it doesn’t ride up over your head when you’re doing different poses.


Make sure your yoga clothing is comfortable and breathable

When you do yoga, you sweat. Which is why it’s essential that your yoga outfit is not only comfortable but also made from breathable fabric that will help to keep you cool and wick away sweat. A nylon and spandex mix is the most common type of breathable, flexible fabric for yoga clothing as it is not only stretchable but also chafe-resistant, helping you to move effortlessly and remain comfortable throughout your class and, importantly, after the class. Your skin shouldn’t feel tender or irritated.


Pay attention to your choice of underwear

What you wear under your yoga clothing is very important – there’s no one to impress at a yoga class, so always avoid ‘pretty’ cotton and lace underwear which will be very uncomfortable. Instead, you need to invest in yoga underwear that is breathable, comfortable and made from fabric that will not ‘ride up’ as you’re performing different poses. Once again, spandex or any breathable fabric with polyester or a polyester blend, which helps to wick away moisture, is a good choice for yoga underwear. The same goes for your bra: choose a fitted, supportive and breathable exercise bra to prevent the build-up of sweat and consequent discomfort both during and after your yoga class.


Have layers available

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing yoga clothing is finding something that will work year-round and for all types of yoga. Typically, if you regularly attend different yoga classes, you will need at least a couple of yoga outfits plus some separates. As mentioned, you need to have at least a couple of layers readily available, so you can remove layers as your body warms up during the class. For instance, you might want an exercise in a bra and spandex shorts layered with a breathable mesh top.

Depending on the time of year you’re attending class, you will need a warm layer that you can wear to and from class, so you don’t feel chilly, especially afterward when your body loses heat. If your class is in an air-conditioned gym, you might need a light second layer to stop you feeling the chill. Something as simple as a zip-up sweatshirt or t-shirt layered over a camisole is ideal. When you’re pairing different layers together, you can show off your unique style with different colors and prints.


Avoid loose yoga clothing

Many novices assume that yoga clothing should be loose as loose translates as comfortable and flexible. But that’s not the case. Clothing that is too loose will make it difficult to transition and prove a nuisance when holding poses, as it will bunch-up and you’ll find yourself drowning in a sea of cloth. Worse still, loose clothing will ride up and down and could have you showing off a little more skin than intended. The last thing you want to have to worry about during a yoga class is your appearance, which will be the case if you’re not a confident person and, therefore, keep having to pull your top down.


When practicing yoga, always make sure your clothing is fitted and comfortable.


Get some yoga pants – because nothing else will do

Yoga leggings are essential. Not only are yoga leggings incredibly practical thanks to being breathable, fitted and flexible, but they’re also fashionable and a great way to show off your style. There’s a reason your favorite celebrities, such as Gigi Hadid ad Rihanna, stroll around town in their yoga leggings!

There are a variety of types of yoga leggings to choose from, and they’re available in every color you can imagine. You should choose long yoga leggings, three-quarter pants or yoga shorts. The main things to look out for when choosing yoga leggings is to ensure they’re not too thin, as they will quickly become see-through. If it’s your first class and you want subtle leggings, choose classic black or navy.


Customize your yoga style

Yoga isn’t about blending into the crowd; it’s about being yourself and feeling relaxed in your body and mind, which means showing off your unique style. Once you are comfortable and feel involved in your yoga class, tailor your yoga style. Whether that’s a subtle and slick all-black or navy yoga ensemble or something brightly colored or patterned, you should wear what makes you comfortable and confident. After all, yoga is about feeling your best both physically and mentally. Once you’ve chosen your yoga clothes, you can add to your look by adding accessories such as a headband, or by how you style your hair – although, always make sure your hair is tied up and out of your face. At the end of the day, yoga is about fully immersing yourself in the moment, not about your appearance.

When choosing your yoga outfit, including yoga clothing and accessories, choose something practical that gives you the ultimate flexibility to perform while incorporating hints of your style to help further boost your confidence and, ultimately, your health and happiness. Get ready to let go of your stress.


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