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July 13, 2017
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Connect with the Universe using Love Tuner!

What is a Love Tuner | Ana Heart Blog

What is a Love Tuner | Ana Heart Blog

Beautiful jewelry is all well and good, however, we’ve got something better. Love Tuner’s are not only a gorgeous accessory, but they also help to calm your mind and, physically, release tension in your body. Think of it as a type of meditation you can carry with you and try anytime, in any place.

Love Tuner’s comprise of a subtle necklace and a single-note flute set to 528Hz, which is widely considered the “love frequency”. When played, the frequency of the flute creates a physiological response that encourages relaxation and, ultimately, lower stress levels for a healthier, happier you.

Still unsure about what a Love Tuner is and how it can be used to improve your mental well-being? Fear not. Below, discover how a Love Tuner works and how tuning can help to transform your life.


What is a Love Tuner?

In simple terms, a Love Tuner is a therapeutic tool that comprises of a subtle necklace and a single-note flute set to a frequency of 528Hz, which is the “love frequency”. When you play the flute, you trigger a reaction in your brain that helps you to relax fully and, consequently, reduce both your mental and physical stress levels, as well as any associated physical and emotional tension you may feel.

Love Tuner’s use the healing power of sound, however, it’s not just about listening to the frequency but also about aligning yourself with the sound. For a Love Tuner to be effective, you must be in a quiet space and feel the sound in your body. Feel it running through your body and loosening your muscles and relieving tension. Imagine the soothing sound surrounding you in a soft whirlwind.

Tuning is about being at peace with your surroundings and aligning your body both physically and mentally. To allow yourself to tap into the power of ‘tuning’ at any given time, wear a Love Tuner.


What are the Benefits of Using a Love Tuner?

Tuning has an array of physical and emotional benefits and, if done properly, can have an enormous impact on both your physical and mental health, which will lead to a healthier, happier you.

One of the primary aims with tuning is to reach a sense of ‘inner peace’ in which you feel completely relaxed and let go of any tension and stress, and reduce signs of exhaustion while balancing your energy. However, as well as reducing stress, tuning can help you to manage stress better. By relaxing your mind and body completely, you can avoid burnout, reduce anxiety, and give your body a chance to slow down using this innovative form of meditation. By calming your mind and body, you can increase awareness and concentration which will, in turn, increase productivity at both work and in your personal life. If you’re someone that finds it hard to relax or ‘zone out’, you need a Love Tuner.


How do you use a Love Tuner?

Using a Love Tuner couldn’t be simpler! You just need to practice a couple of times, see and feel the benefits, and then you’ll understand how a Love Tuner can help you relax and what works for you.

Love Tuner’s are most effective when you’re alone in a quiet room, however, if you’d prefer to tune in a group or with a friend, you can. Do what’s best for you. As long as you can relax and align yourself with the frequency, you can use a Love Tuner to help calm the mind and body and relieve stress.

To use your Love Tuner, follow these steps:

  • Remove your tuner from its cap and perch it between your lips.
  • Just like if you were blowing a whistle, blow lightly into your whistle until you create a consistent tone. Don’t blow too hard as the note should not be loud but, instead, subtle and soothing. Once you have your note, continue blowing for as long as you’d like.
  • When you need to stop, breathe in through your nose and let the air flow through your body. You can keep the whistle pressed to your mouth while breathing.
  • As you exhale, blow into the Tuner again, doing the same as you did last time.

You can repeat this process as many times as you like until you feel the benefit. We recommend blowing into your Tuner at least five times. Spend a few minutes tuning to feel the benefit. Once you feel completely calm, you can return your Tuner to its cap. To keep your mind and body aligned, tune daily as part of your routine. There is no ‘right’ answer for how much you should tune – you should do it whenever you feel it’s needed, whether you’re stressed or just want a couple of minutes to breathe.

If you have a longer period to tune, consider an 18-breath tune cycle as meditation.


Who should use a Love Tuner?

Everyone! Love Tuner’s are not for a particular type of person – everyone can tap into and feel the benefit of tuning, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. Tuner’s are especially effective for those with stressful lives or that find it difficult to relax or relieve both mental and physical tension, although, sometimes a Love Tuner is just a good excuse to have a few minutes to yourself away from it all.

Tuning your mind and body using a Love Tuner is all about being in the moment and feeling the frequency while being aware of your surroundings. For instance, tuning outdoors in an open space, such as a park or by water, is particularly therapeutic as you are more in-tune with nature. Not only will a tuning relax you, but it will also encourage mindfulness and stimulate your immune system.


Love Tuner’s are not just therapeutic tools or a piece of beautiful jewelry – they’re both.

At Ana Heart, we have a variety of Love Tuners available to purchase online. Our selection includes classic Love Tuner’s, such as those with an antique silver finish, as well as contemporary styles, such as a subtle black finish with a simple leather cord. We also have stand-out styles such as our best-selling Love Tuner in bronze, which has a leather cord adorned with characterful recycled metal beads.


Discover our full range of Love Tuner’s online.

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