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July 21, 2017
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July 21, 2017

The World’s Best Yoga Retreats

The World's Best Yoga Retreats | Ana Heart

The World's Best Yoga Retreats | Ana Heart

In recent years, yoga has grown from what was a niche hobby solely for the spiritual to a widely practiced routine for both physical and emotional well-being; and it’s not only yoga classes that have boomed. Yoga enthusiasts love their hour of mindfulness a couple of times a week so much that many now seek out yoga retreats where you can enjoy the peace and serenity of yoga for anything from a few days to a couple of weeks, or even longer. Nowadays, every major vacation destination around the world boasts a yoga retreat. If you’re relatively new to yoga, you might just want to try a short weekend getaway; however, if you’re a seasoned yogi, you could try a longer yoga extravaganza. Regardless of your experience, most yoga retreats are accessible and offer diverse programs.

Every yoga retreat is different; each has a unique roster of activities, and some have a niche. For instance, there are yoga retreats specifically suited to clean-eating, while others focus on meditative yoga and allow you to enjoy your food of choice and even alcohol during your stay. However, when seeking out an excellent yoga retreat, aside from recommendation, how do you choose a superb yoga retreat over a shocking one? Below, we explore some of the best yoga retreats around the world.


Jungle Bay Resort & Spa (Dominica, Caribbean)

Set to be reopened towards the end of 2018, having undergone extensive refurbishment, Jungle Bay perches on the coast of the cozy Caribbean island of Dominica. The resort is next to the ocean and enjoys spectacular views. While at Jungle Bay, you will call a rustic but luxurious tree house home and, every morning, you can be at one with nature as you bathe in a traditional outdoor shower. This resort offers a variety of activities, including hiking, diving, and spa packages; however, it’s the Jungle Bay Yoga Retreat that steals the show. The yoga studio is carved from natural rock and located less than a minute from the ocean, which means you can enjoy the calming sound of the waves as you sink into your yoga routine, letting all your tension float away like a piece of driftwood atop a wave. Throughout Jungle Bay, there are three practice areas you can choose from, including an outdoor deck alive with color and sound and perfect for your morning routine – the glow of the morning sun is infectious.

While staying at Jungle Bay, you can partake in daily group yoga classes, as well as private afternoon yoga and meditation sessions. There are several spa packages which offer daily treatments, too. Whether you’re looking for a retreat you can enjoy with your partner or friends, Jungle Bay is ideal.


Kamalaya (Koh Samui, Thailand)

Kamalaya is a health resort and healing spa on the south-eastern tip of Thailand’s second largest island, Koh Samui. With awards under its belt, this holistic spa combines breathtaking scenery and a melting pot of wellness activities for a memorable Thai adventure; you’ll leave feeling well-rested.

Kamalaya has a unique roster of wellness activities on tap, including independent and group yoga programs, full physical and emotional detox, stress and burnout recovery, and emotional balance that aims to help you embrace change; plus, a variety of tailored packages you can mould to suit your needs. When booking your getaway, you can select a package or take a conventional vacation at the resort, where you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a traditional vacation while dipping in and out of the different wellness activities on offer. However, this may be a less cost-effective option as, if booked separately, activities can be costly. Most of Kamalaya’s yoga retreat packages include a one-to-one consultation at the beginning of your trip, followed by daily classes, activities and spa treatments; plus, uncapped use of the steam cavern, swimming pool and plunge pools, and a fully equipped gym.

Choose from more than ten types of accommodation – there’s something for every budget.


Cal-a-Vie Health Spa Luxury Resort & Retreat (San Diego, California)

If you’re seeking an intense yoga getaway, Cal-a-Vie is the place to be. Just outside San Diego, the resort has a European edge and offers both wellness and fitness programs, including those that focus on calorie-burning and strength training. The center benefits from excellent facilities, including an Olympic-size swimming pool, fitness center, golf course, tennis courts, and luxury spa facilities.

Cal-a-Vie’s Mind Body Spirit program will have you partaking in daily yoga classes and deep meditation to help reduce stress and manage your energy. Classes include guided visualization, meditative walks, and even Tai Chi. The resort has three, four and seven-night packages available and is ideal for couples and groups. Every day, your meals will be prepared to meet your dietary needs.


Feathered Pipe Ranch (Montana, USA)

Another home favorite; Feathered Pipe Ranch in the heart of the Montana Rockies is a through-and-through yoga retreat that will have you feeling at one with nature. The resort’s Mindful Unplug program will throw you headfirst into a full digital detox, during which you’ll enjoy yoga, meditation, and a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking and canoeing, as well as spa facilities.

During your stay, you’ll call a comfortable cabin by the lake home. All packages include activities, food, and accommodation, so you’ll have everything you need without having to worry about your wallet.


The Orange Tree (Yorkshire, UK)

If you don’t mind heading across the pond for your yoga getaway, you might want to try The Orange Tree – nestled in the heart of the North York Moors National Park in Yorkshire, England (UK), the retreat is run by brother-and-sister duo Edward and Helen and specializes in hatha yoga and meditation. Unlike other yoga retreats on our list, The Orange Tree is best suited to a serene weekend getaway rather than a longer trip and, therefore, is best scheduled towards the end of a longer England vacation. As well as yoga and meditation, you can enjoy an array of pampering spa treatments, as well as full access to relaxation facilities such as a heated outdoor jacuzzi and sauna.

Every day during your yoga getaway, you will take part in several yoga sessions, including early morning yoga and guided relaxation before bed, as well as a variety of spa treatments. If you have time, take a walk through the picturesque Moors and soak in the spectacular Yorkshire landscape.

There you have it; from the sandy shores of the Caribbean to the rolling hills of the British countryside, there are numerous world-class yoga retreats you can enjoy either as a solo traveler, couple or group of friends. Whichever it is, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling brand new and ready to tackle life.

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