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July 21, 2017
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Healthy Places to Eat in New York

Healthy Places to Eat in New York | Ana Heart

Healthy Places to Eat in New York | Ana Heart

As one of the few true food capitals, New York boasts many a memorable eat within its bustling streets and, essentially, back-streets. However, amongst its more than 24,000 eateries, including great-tasting but not necessarily good-for-you cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops, it can be a challenge to find a healthy New York restaurant that will tickle your taste buds. More importantly, we want quality food that doesn’t cost the earth in more ways than one – we’re talking organic, locally-sourced produce!

To help you navigate New York’s food map and find a health food haven, below, we explore some of our favorite healthy places to eat in New York that you’ll want to go back to time and again.


Little Beet Table

333 Park Ave South, New York 10010


Passionate health food chef Franklin Becker wows with flavour-packed, gluten-free eats at his Park Avenue eatery: Little Beet Table. Ideally located, Little Beet Table is the perfect spot for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner and, for the quality, very affordable. It is best known for a roster of delicious fish dishes including slow-cooked salmon, sea bass, and tuna tataki; as well as an array of veggie dishes that pack a punch. Whether you fancy a grilled zucchini and feta medley or a white-bean-kale soup, Little Beet has you covered. You can also tuck into Happy Hour specials Monday-Friday from 3-7pm.


Ellary’s Greens

33 Carmine St, New York 10014


Founded in 2013 by Leith Hill, Ellary’s Greens has two New York locations; both of which serve up excellent, family-friendly food that offers “the best calories for your buck.” Ellary’s Greens also has a superb selection of fresh juices, wines and gluten-free beers on tap, which makes this healthy hub that little bit more special. While the lunch menu is to die for, it’s in the evening that Ellary’s comes alive. Some of our favorite dishes include the chipotle hummus with pita chips followed by a succulent Signature Salmon Burger topped off with a medley of seasonal mushrooms to share. Ellary’s also offers up protein-packed grabs for the fitness enthusiast; all ingredients are locally-sourced and organic.


Egg Shop

151 Elizabeth St, New York 10012


If you’re someone that often craves a good ol’ egg, you need to visit Egg Shop; they have locations in Soho and Williamsburg, and you can order online, too. Both posts are minimal and contemporary and suitable for couples, colleagues, families, and friends. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, Egg Shop offers up an eggcellent menu of egg-centric dishes, including everything from classic omelets and egg-topped baps right through to yolk and herb fries and tacos. Egg Shop was founded by Sarah Schneider and Demetri Makoulis in 2014, alongside the chef behind the eggy operation: Nick Korbee.


Dimes NYC

49 Canal St, New York 10002


Perfect for a pretty plateful, Dimes is a restaurant and deli serving up healthy, hearty meals with Japanese, South American and Mediterranean influences. All of Dimes’ produce is sourced locally at New York’s many markets. For breakfast, grab a fruity bowl of granola or choose something more substantial, such as the DOS Tacos with scrambled eggs slathered in spicy mango salsa and topped with tomato, cheddar, avocado and hot sauce. For lunch, the Amish Chicken Thigh with corn-fresno salad is a favorite and, for dinner, the Curried Blue Mussels on sourdough, topped with pickled celery and cilantro, also packs a punch. Dime also offers New York catering services – perfect for the office.


Mulberry & Vine

73 Warren St, New York 10007


Founded by fitness fanatics Genevieve Lynch and Michelle Gauthier, Mulberry & Vine is the ideal clean-eating stop-off on your way home from the gym. Similar to a certain sandwich chain we won’t name, Mulberry & Vine allows you to create a unique dish by choosing your favorite veggies and protein; an all-veg bowl is just $9. They also have an enticing selection of vegetable and protein-rich dishes, including Thai Chilli Noodles, Mediterranean Braised Chicken, and Sesame Scallion Tofu. You can even pick up a house-made beverage, including fresh lemonade, infused waters, and iced tea. As well as its TriBeCa post, Mulberry & Vine has locations in NoMad and Midtown East; all locations are open from 11am-9pm Monday-Thursday and 11am-8pm Friday-Saturday but closed Sunday’s.


Pazzi Pasta

227 Smith Street, New York 11231


Healthy Italian? Who knew?! In the heart of Brooklyn, Pazzi Pasta is offering up traditionally hearty but contemporarily healthy Sicilian pasta dishes that use entirely organic produce. The menu is limited, but the combinations endless, and the dishes are all the better for it. First, choose one of three sizes – all a steal at less than $13. Then, choose your pasta and a fresh, gluten-free sauce; there’s a variety to choose from, including classic Pomodoro and zingy Roasted Red Pepper. To complete your dish, add toppings such as grilled chicken, mushrooms and peas and pancetta, to name a few. Pazzi Pasta’s menu makes the whole dining experience fuss-free, decadent and, quite simply, delicious.


Springbone Kitchen

90 West 3rd Street, New York 10012


Particularly ideal for the chilly autumn and winter months, Springbone Kitchen is a bone broth specialist and alternative eatery created by native New Yorkers Jordan Feldman and Sam Eckstein. However, if you don’t fancy a cup of chicken broth with zucchini spaghetti, for instance, don’t worry! Springbone also cooks up a selection of simple, wholesome dishes that will keep you ticking over. Favorites include Grandma’s Chicken & Rice, which uses wild rice and organic chicken with roasted carrots and string beans; Three Organic Scrambled Eggs breakfast, which has a variety of sides such as gluten-free toast and avocado mash; and the 100% Grass-Fed Burger, made with grass-fed beef.


Whether you’re in NYC and want a healthy spot for next weekend’s brunch or have an upcoming trip and need a quick lunch, our suggested healthy places to eat in New York have you covered.

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