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Yoga Poses for Beginners Infographic – Get Inspired!

Yoga Poses fort Beginners Infographic | Get Inspired! | Ana Heart Blog

New to Yoga? Check out our infographic!

Yoga is huge right now. From gym floors and dance studios to parks, beaches and rooftops across the country, everyone seems to be perfecting their downward dog or brushing up on their yogic breathing technique.

Yoga, once a fairly alternative practice, generally confined to the pokey studios of bare-foot artsy-types serving hemp tea concoctions, is now hugely popular form of exercise, offered up by almost every gym and fitness center from San Fran to Springfield.

And as the art form becomes increasingly popular, more and more variations of the practice seem to be cropping up every day. Take a glance at any typical yoga studio’s schedule and you’ll find all manner of weird and wonderful varieties on offer, some of which you’ve probably never even heard of. Traditional forms like Hatha and Asthanga are now to be found alongside dynamic flow, hot-pod yoga, boxing yoga, arial yoga (yes, that’s yoga suspended on slings) and a range of dance-inspired yoga fusions.

Is yoga going mainstream necessarily a bad thing? Not in our books (the way we see it, the more yogis out there, the better). However, if you’re wary of going along with what you think might be a faddy trend, and you’re not one to follow the crowd, you may be a little reluctant to start practising.

If you’ve always wanted to give yoga a go but the endless variations on offer, crazy backward-bends populating Instagram and mind-boggling yoga blog jargon leave you feeling a more than a little bewildered, we’re here to help! We’ve created a compilation of classic yoga poses in one easy-to-follow infographic. Each of these poses is specifically designed for absolute beginners and will provide the basis to any type of yoga practice.

Our aim from the very beginning has been to bring yoga back to basics. How can we achieve this? By cutting down on the jargon and making the art of yoga accessible to every woman, everywhere. This simple and classic approach forms the basis of everything we do at Ana Heart, from our beautiful lines of cosy, minimalist clothing to our brand philosophy.

It’s vital to remember that yoga isn’t about boasting or proving yourself to anyone. It’s not about who can do the most daring dancers pose or the deepest downward dog in the class. All that really matters is what you bring to the mat, and what you get out of it at the end of a session. Yoga is a very personal practice and, when it comes down to it, the only person that matters in class is you.

So, give our fool-proof infographic a go today. You’ll find 10 carefully selected poses, including both balancing and seated postures that will teach you the basic discipline of holding a pose and working with your breath. Next to each picture, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to achieve the pose, as well as an insight into the unique physical and mental benefits each position brings.

Master the easy poses in our infographic and trust us, you’ll have the perfect basis for any yoga practice, whether it’s dynamic flow, Yin yoga or Bikram. Give it a try today… let’s yoge!

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