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October 26, 2017
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Yoga Poses for Beginners Infographic – Get Inspired!
October 28, 2017

Couples Yoga: Doing Yoga Together

Yoga Couple

In the traditional language of Sanskrit, the word yoga translates to ‘union’. When practicing couples yoga, that is exactly what you should strive to achieve – the uniting of you and your partner. In addition to having an array of great benefits on the body and mind, couples yoga is ideal for building stronger communication and intimacy in your relationship. Specifically designed to increase trust and communication, couples yoga brings together elements of play, movement, and laughter to strengthen the bond between two individuals. Before embarking on your journey into couples yoga, it is sensible to purchase some good-quality yoga wear; for a comfortable pair of yoga pants, we recommend the Ana Heart, Moss Ballet Leggings. In this article, we will explore the benefits of couples yoga in more detail, and discuss a couple of simple poses for you and your significant other to experiment with.

Benefits of Couples Yoga

Enhances Physical And Emotional Support

To practice couples yoga poses, it is essential for both individuals to be fully engaged; failing this, it will become impossible to create the poses correctly. By bringing together a joint combination of balance, alignment, and focus, not only will your core become stronger but so will your relationship. Learning to let go, be open and have faith in one another will increase the special bond you share.

Creates Shared Memories

Largely focused on giving and receiving, couples yoga encourages both partners to take part in supporting the other. As the two of you move together through the poses, you learn that the other will always be there to take the weight off your shoulders, whether that is emotionally or physically. With the business of modern life, it’s not uncommon for couples to rarely take time for themselves, to focus on their relationship; with couples yoga, both partners get the chance to bond and fall in love all over again, remembering that their spouse will always be there to pick them up when they fall. Better still, the memories created in the practice will be shared and cherished forever.

Teaches Couples to Let Go

With the stresses of adult life building up inside of us, it can be easy to accidentally take our frustrations out on our partner. Couples yoga poses focus on learning to let go, and enjoying the smaller things in life; aiming to build a child-like approach to life, the practice encourages couples to just enjoy time spent to-gether, rather than worrying about the inevitable stresses of life.

Encourages Lighthearted Fun

All long-term relationships will go through rough patches, but the important thing is committing to working through those times as a team. Creating a sense of fun, couples yoga encourages partners to not take themselves too seriously. Sometimes, learning to let go and have fun again can be just what a relationship needs.

Improves Trust

One of the best ways to build up trust within yourself, is by learning to trust another person. Revealing to beautiful concept of interdependence, couples yoga focusses on strengthening both self-awareness and trust, encouraging partners to show their venerability.

Creates a Sense of Balance

Often, relationships tend to flow in particular patterns. Sometimes, a partner may appear to be overly sensitive, losing sight of the healthy boundaries necessary. Other times, a partner may become closed-off, leaving the relationship unable to connect as it should. While these behaviors are opposite ends of the spectrum, both patterns can lead to problems occurring later down the road.

Couples yoga poses encourage partners to understand that they are equal. In a successful, healthy relationship, there is no giver or receiver. Both partners learn how to best support the other, creating the ideal sense of balance lasting for years to come.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

While the practice of yoga, in general, is known for reducing stress and lower anxiety, couples yoga is particularly beneficial, due to the power of your partner’s touch. Various studies have shown that the simple act of holding hands, can provide married couples with immediate relief from stress, leaving us with the knowledge that the touch of your partner during couples yoga can reduce high levels of anxiety.

In addition to this, some of the common poses practiced in couples sessions are designed to open up certain areas of the body. Physically, this can create a space for new energy, providing relief from stress, tension, and even pain.

Yoga Couple

Simples Poses for Beginners

Partner Twist

To begin, get settled in a seated position with your backs resting against one another. Keeping your legs crossed, rest both hands on your thighs. As you inhale gently, raise both arms above your head, taking a chance to lengthen your spine. As you exhale, twist your upper body to the right, moving your right hand to the inside of your partners left knee, while you bring your left hand to the outside of your own right knee. Once maneuvered, your partner should mirror the movement. You are now in the Partner Twist. Hold the pose for around 5 breaths before relaxing and repeating on the opposite side. For this pose, in particular, make sure you are wearing an outfit that promotes flexibility. For a breathable yoga long-sleeved top, we recommend the Ana Heart, Peace Long Sleeves.

Partner Breathing

Start in a seated position with legs crossed at the ankles or shins, with your backs resting against each other. Rest your hands on your needs, and begin to focus on your breathing. As you exhale, feel connected to your partner as your ribcages touch. After a few seconds, attempt to alternate your breathing with your partner, so as you exhale, he inhales. You are now practicing Partner Breathing. Carry through the technique for around 5 minutes, allowing yourself to relax and connect with your mind and soul.

Temple Pose

To begin, stand tall facing each other. Ensuring your feet are placed directly under your hips, inhale and raise your arms above your head. Once your partner’s arms are extended as well, begin to bend forward at the hips in unison, until your hands meet with your partners. Slowly begin to fold forward, allowing your forearms, hands, and elbows to rest against your partners. You are in Tempe Pose. Hold the pose for 8 breaths before relaxing.


Whether you’re hoping to use couples yoga to achieve a higher level of fitness, or you’re interested in using the practice to bring you and your partner closer together, there is no question that the alternative healing method holds an array of various benefits. To make sure you’re getting the most out of each posture, ensure that you are wearing the correct yoga gear. For a comfortable yoga top, we recommend the Ana Heart, Karl Asymmetric T-Shirt.

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